All club Licensed Officials should have received an email from Wendy Coles regarding a course for officials who mentor new volunteers during galas, this will be held at Harvey Hadden on the 7th May, 9.30am until 12.30pm.

This course is beneficial to all who give instructions to newcomers, it will also give you points towards the next time you have to re license, 4 years comes around very quickly.

I shall be attending the course as your club mentor, new methods come up all the time, and you always learn something new, if you would like to attend please contact Wendy or myself.

Thank you to all the Officials for turning out on Wednesday night at the Time Trials, a good job was done by all, also to the Coaches who did the stewarding and kept things moving.

The club are looking for new volunteers all the time to train for various duties, if you fancy being a Timekeeper for instance, we would like to hear from you.


Worksop Dolphins will return to Arena League competition in the first round which will be in October 2016, the club will participate in the West Midlands Arena League starting on the bottom rung in Division 3 East.

This will be a new venture for us having competed previously in the East Midlands League for many years, and quite a few years in the North East League.

This is the competition our swimmers require, swimming against a few clubs who we have not met before, and also some from Nottinghamshire, the Arena League is the top League competition in the UK, so it is nice to be back in the mix.

Worksop Dolphins host the Derby & Notts first round fixture on the 16th April, 6.00pm warm up for 6.30pm start.

Lane 1 Sutton A, Lane 2 Arnold A, Lane 3 Sutton B, Lane 4 City of Derby B, Lane 5 CABSC, Lane 6 Worksop Dolphins.

Referees are supplied by the League, visiting clubs will provide one Judge and two Timekeepers, all other officials and helpers are provided by Dolphins.

From round 2 the League will have Hosts A and Hosts B doing the same duties that the Notts Leagues do, but not for the first round.