Dolphins are the host club on the 8th April for the Derby & Notts JSL, 6.00pm warm up for a 6.30pm start.

Lane draw :-   Lane 1 Worksop Dolphins, Lane 2 Sherwood Colliery, Lane 3 Leander A, Lane 4 Ripley Rascals, Lane 5 Ilkeston, Lane 6 Chesterfield.

Host club will provide :- Two people for door ( With suitable cash float)

Recorders, Starter and equipment, One Judge, One Chief Timekeeper, Two Timekeepers, One Health and Safety Steward. Gala Coordinator.


If anyone is interested to get on the first rungs of Coaching the club is prepared to help you make a step in this direction, and give you all the training necessary to get qualified,

Dolphins have been expanding recently as you are aware, this puts demands on our existing Coaches, and we are looking in to the future when we take the club to even higher levels, when even more coaching cover is required.

For all we know we may have parents who have some Coaching qualifications we do not know about, but if you are keen to learn that would be a good start.

Sarah Campton our Welfare Officer would have to do DBS checks on anyone who shows an interest, that could be done quite quickly.

Anyone who would like to proceed please contact Head Coach Andy Thompson, Adrian Gillott, Lorraine Thompson or any member of the committee.

After the excitement of the Spring Meet, which was again a success thanks to the help of many volunteers, and the participants in the pool.

Dolphins get back to League action on Saturday 18th March with a home SCL gala, 6.00pm warm up for a 6.30pm start.

Lane 1 Worksop Dolphins, Lane 2 CABSC, Lane 3 Sutton in Ashfield, Lane 4 Sherwood Colliery, Lane 5 Falcon.