We are looking for a volunteer/s to make sure all the club trophies are collected in from the swimmers, get them to the engravers for updating, storing them until presentation night, and along with helpers on the day place them in the correct order of events on the presentation table.
The person/s willing to do this must of course have an area free to store them after collection from the swimmers, this of course is a very important process to make sure the evening is a success.
Name/s of anyone willing to do this to Gill Anderson, Elsie Rush, or any member of committee ASAP.

A new FINA rules update course will be held on Saturday 30th September, 9.00am at the Studio, Harvey Hadden.
The new rules come in to force on 2nd October in this country, FINA rules update is a mandatory course you must attend if you wish to re licence.
I shall be attending as club mentor to keep us up to date, but please let me know if you wish me to add your name.

Venues and draws for League Galas in October
Saturday 14th October, Arena League ( West Midlands) 6.00pm warm up for 6.30pm start at Daventry Leisure Centre.
Lane 1 Daventry Dolphins, 2 Worksop Dolphins, 3 Long Eaton B, 4 Lichfield, 5 Stourbridge B, 6 Braunstone B.
Saturday 21st October, Notts ASA Stage 2 League
6.00pm warm up for 6.30pm start at Retford Leisure Centre.
Lane 1 Arnold, Lane 2 Sutton in Ashfield B, Lane 3 Leander A,
Lane 4 Carlton Forum, Lane 5 Worksop Dolphins.
Hosts A:- Worksop Dolphins Hosts B:- Leander