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To clarify:  It has been necessary to move the last gala of the club championships to accommodate the club  AGM.  The AGM is an important date in the club calendar and in accordance with the club constitution should be held before the end of November. This year both the Secretary and Chairman are standing down, new people are needed to fill not only these roles but other committee positions as well.
The club cannot survive without active parent support.

The AGM will take place on Wednesday 29th November 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start in the school hall, and the final Gala 6 of the club championships has moved to Wednesday 6th December,  this has been publicised for several weeks.

Club championships information can be found HERE or by following the links from the Competitions menu tab.

Entries have been published on the Club Championships page for parents and swimmers to check, please report any issues as soon as possible.


Start sheets will be produced at 12pm on the day of meet and published to the website, there will be no corrections made after this time. 

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control the AGM will now be held on Wednesday 29th November and the final gala (6) of the club championships will move to Wednesday 6th December.


The Dolphins (Dukeries) Open Meet is still open for entries as the gala capacity has not been reached. Please email late entries to
Click here for the Open Meet web pages. Please note that clubs entering relay teams may add or change relay entries up until the start of warm-up on the day of meet.