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Swim Camp 2016

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For our warm weather swim camp in 2016, we are heading to the Playitas Resort.

The Resort boasts an episcina desde vestuarios800X400xtensive range of sports facilities where guests can take part in a wide variety of activities. The facilities at Playitas Resort have been designed with both top athletes and amateurs in mind, as well as active families.

Playitas Resort is one of the largest training centres in Europe. Top international athletes in many sports and disciplines come to Playitas Resort to prepare for the world’s most important sports events, including the 2016 Rio Olympics, for which we’re an official training base of the Swedish Olympic team (SOK).

Our Club is taking a team of young swimmers, aged between 8 and 15, coaches and chaperones for a week long training camp during October 2016. They will undertake a high level of training; with 4 hours of daily swimming in a 50m swimming pool.


Most swimmers have very limited access to such high quality training facilities and we feel it is of great importance in the development of our young athletes to foster a positive training environment, encouraging enthusiasm for the sport, which, in turn will improve performance and help to gain that extra edge come race season. Many of our swimmers have represented the club at county, regional and even national levels.

Worksop Dolphins are grateful to our Sponsors for their continued support and commitment to helping local clubs succeed.